Our programs have something to give to all children of all ages and abilities. Whether they've set themselves high goals to achieve high standards worth of competing in international competitions or simply practice recreational gymnastics, we have a place for them here. Our aim is to ensure that your children have the opportunity to boost their confidence and enhance their co-ordination skills in a fun environment through the wonderful sport of gymnastics.


Classes are based on a varied program for s children (both boys and girls) aged 18 months and over. Our terms are 10-weeks long and in each term there is a special event to focus on which takes place at the end of that term. This allows the parents to see their children perform. This program works through a development program that has been designed to award the progress of young gymnasts as they obtain skills through a balanced program. The awards come in the form of certificates and badges. 

Dance Classes will be available again as of the next scholastic dance year at the end of September.


Every year, GymStars organizes a gymnastics and dance festival in colloboration with GymStars, Yada Dance Academy, Tarxien. All children will participate to show off their ability and have fun! This festival will be dedicated to the General Public.

It is a spectacular event involving every discipline of the Club in an imaginative display work and is an ideal opportunity to show off the children's abilities and coaches'work.




gymnastics & 

  dance festival





Zebbug Gymnastics Timetables July - September 2020