Our Goal was to create a space for coaches and gymnast to learn in the sport of gymnastics, grow and develop to International Standard. GymStars was literally designed from the ground up the biggest gymnastics center on the Island.


 GymStars Gymnastics Club opened its door to the public in July of 2003 with only 40 registered members and 3 coaching staff. It is now the most established gymnastics centre on the island with over 600 members catering for children as young as 18 months to National Team members.


At GymStars, we ensure to provide a safe and fun environment for your children to learn gymnastics. We have a place of children for all ages and abilities. We believe that every child CAN. We get as much satisfaction in seeing one of our youngest gymnasts perform a forward roll to those achieving an advanced skill. We believe in motivation and encourage each child to do the best they can.


Our Motto is: We believe that children should be taught gymnastics in a positive learning environment. Gymnasts are never pushed beyond their limits or endurance. At the end of each and every program we have in the club won’t remember what the coach said or did but they will remember how the coach made them feel.  


GymStars has also joined forces with the Yada Dance Academy forming the GymStars, Yada Dance Academy, Zebbug offering various programs for Ballet, Hip-Hop and Jazz under the direction of Felix Busuttil and Daron Galea.





Our curriculum encourages progress on an individual basis based on the student's own progress chart. The classes are not competitive but aim at encouraging students to improve the skills they already have. Students are assigned to classes according to their own personal skills. Our classes levels start from Recreational Beginners to the more competitive Junior Teams and Elite


GymStars is the club who has produced some of the best athletes in gymnastics in Malta having the honour of having one of its athletes bringing to Malta its first Gymnastics Medal in the history at the Small Nation Games in Monaco, 2007. Our club is the only one that took better initiatives to better the standard of our athletes

and of Gymnastics in general, the most prominent being the organization of International Competitions held every year - in Summer and Autumn .

With these competitions, we have managed to bring over athletes of high standard from places well-known in the sport such as Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Holland, Belgium, England, Slovenia, Sweden, Wales, Scotland, Isle of Man, Jersey, Luxembourg, Jordan Norway, Cyprus, Finland, South Africa , Czech Republic, Qatar, Switzerland, and many more and helped to give a yearly spectacle to the sporting public.



Our Club is equipped with the  newest designs of gymnastics equipment for women. We keep our equipment up-to-date to ensure that our athletes have the best. All equipment is FIG (Federation Internationale de Gymnastique) approved.

One can find: An Area for the general Gymnastics and an Area for the squads.

-A full size Artistic Gymnastics Competition Floor

-A 22 meter-long Tumbling Track to a block pit

-2 Vaulting table with a 25 meter-long run-up and Foam Vault

-3Uneven Bars

-3High Bar

-3Balance Beam

- 6 Low beams

- 6 Meter Tumble long Trampoline

-10 meter Air track

- Full set of Baby Rings, P.Bars, and Asymmetric Bars.

- A full range of set of soft play area. 

-2 Fully Equipped Large Dance Studios 

In addition to the above, our Club provides changing rooms, showers, Waiting area, and a self-service cafeteria.




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